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Introduction to the Garmin G1000 is a full multimedia course designed for pilots at the VFR level. It is online Garmin training available anywhere you have an internet connection. The course was developed and narrated by Russ Still, an ATP and six-time Master CFI. Like all Gold Seal courses, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you aren't completely delighted with this course we promise you a full refund of your purchase price. Courteously. Promptly.

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Pilots transitioning into the G1000 will learn about the G1000's systems and architecture, from the LRUs (line replaceable units) to the panel displays (the PFD and MFD) to the audio panel and GFC 700 autopilot. This fascinating course is not just a demonstration where a narrator points at buttons and knobs telling you what they do. It is an engaging interactive presentation designed specifically to help you learn about the Garmin system quickly and effectively. Watch out for other courses that may only give you 60 or 90 day access - this online Gold Seal course gives you full access for an entire year! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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